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Brief introduction to pipe renovation in Finland

Pipe renovation step by step:

Over the next couple of years, pipeline renovations will affect more than a million Finns. Refinishing pipes is a normal maintenance of the property. It is also common to refinish bathrooms. In addition to the nicer looking bathrooms and fully working homes, the energy efficiency and living comfort of the property can be improved. There is a lot of variation. What works for one house or apartment does not necessarily go to another and so on.. On this page, we are going through the progress of pipe renovation in different kinds of houses, especially from the point of view of a resident.

The pipe fracture is divided into four phases. They are:

1) Preparation
2) Planning
3) Implementation
4) Time after the renovation

1. Preparatory phase

Removing the tubes is a necessity because the pipes are almost always worn out. When the pipes are weak and leakage will begin to accumulate. When the water and drainage system is restored or renewed on time, the damage is avoided.
During the preparation phase, the housing company needs to be remodeled. This may take up to a few years, including discussions, evaluations, surveys, and share inquiries.

When is pipe removal done?
When the house is 30-50 years old.

What else does the time of pipe renovation affect the age of the house?
The condition of the washrooms and increased leaks. Therefore, it is important that you always report to the service company if you find something unusual in piping systems to get the help as fast as possible.

What do the house and board manager do at this point?
They are following the situation and starting to prepare the pipeline for the renovation when there is a need for it. The initial cause may be increased pipe leakage.

What are the studies required?
If the pipework or different tests seems to be overhauled, it is best to ask for a construction worker to do a more detailed health check on piping. The fitness study explains in detail the condition of the piping and the repair needs. On the basis of this information, the property manager and the board of directors of the housing company will estimate what the timing of the pipeline is to be taken care of how will it be implemented.

How is the final decision on the launch of a pipe renewal?
The final decision on renewal, timetable and the preliminary budget will be taken at the Annual General Meeting. An extra general meeting is often arranged for the decision making, which needs the board of directors to start project planning.
Even if it is a bit hard process to go through, it will raise the value of your home.

What is a project plan and who does it?
It is a preliminary plan for the whole pipe drain. This will determine, among other things, the content, extent, and price of the renovation.
The project plan is done by a project planner employed by the housing company. As such, you may be an HVAC professional or consultant.

How Much Does Pipe Repair Cost?
For example, a large pipe renovation of pipes, bathrooms, and electricity for a 30 square meter apartment will cost an average of about 700 euros per square meter or around 21,000 euros in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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Some common terminology of pipe renovation in Finnish:

Pipe renovation = putkiremontti

Piping = sukitus

Hybrid renovation = hybridiremontti

You can learn more those concepts in Finnish following links provided above.

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